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+1 point for each positive rating and -1 point for each negative.
+1 point, for each 0.01 percent above 99.50% uptime and -1 point for each 0.01 percent below 99.50% uptime.
+5 points, for each positive review and -5 points for each negative.
+10 points, for each year in business.
+1 point for each company name popularity unit.
Aplus global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 44
Negative rating points -11
Positive reviews points 4735
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 49.5
Years in business points 210
Popularity points 756.666
Total Points 5784.166
Companies with similar "Global Rank":
Rank Company Global Rating
#2 web.com 6764.97
#3 hostaxe.com 6551.06
#27 aplus.net 5784.166
#4 homestead.com 5657.33
#5 brinkster.com 4395.63
We monitor Aplus.net website from 2 different locations. And only if both tests fail we count downtime.

Current uptime of Aplus is 99.995% (total 82895 successful and 4 failed checks)
Companies with similar "Uptime Rank":
Rank Company Uptime
#498 livehost.net 99.996%
#423 ourinternet.us 99.996%
#703 Aplus 99.995%
#810 aaabusinesshosting.com 99.994%
#811 neureal.com 99.994%

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Web Hosting Reviews
brest, 25th 2009f July, 2009
Nice Job
James, 07th 2009f July, 2009
I am an advanced student designer and I would like to build my portfolio of sites to show my future clients. If you need a site built under ten pages in size for your online biz then email me as I will build it for you for free if possible.
Jay Vince, 06th 2009f May, 2009
Not only did I ever get to use my dedicated server or any services but now I lose my money too.
Sorry you should change your name to FPlus, worst service Ive ever been exposed to.
Just a bunch of thieves.
Tim, 07th 2008f June, 2008
They are bad man! avoid, they use overseas support staff and love making money out of nothing flavured with fancy stuff...avoid!
Tim, 07th 2008f June, 2008
They are bad man! avoid, they use overseas support staff and love making money out of nothing flavured with fancy stuff...avoid!
Larry K, 25th 2007f June, 2007
Warning Will Robinson! - steer clear of these guys at all costs. Check their stats with the on-line Better Business Bureau before even considering them. In fact it doesn't hurt to do that with any company you're about to do business with.

I will say one positive thing about them - the service uptime is very good. I was using their service for a couple of websites a few years ago and never had an issue with their service being out or offline or anything like that. I will at least give them that much. Pretty good uptime.

But when it comes to customer support - the worst I've seen of any company period. It took letters to my CC company and the BBB to get a refund when they dropped the ball on a domain name renewal (there were other problems as well).

Avoid them.
Tom, 04th 2007f April, 2007
I used Aplus.net when Cnet recommended them in 2001, and they quickly went downhill.

The worst thing about Aplus is when I left them, they acted like I was still with them and continued to bill me. I hadn't been with them in YEARS, and they were still sending me nasty grams like I owe them money!

This group is one big hassle to deal with, from their aggressive sales people to their dishonest collections group.
Lonar, 12th 2006f November, 2006
Bad and they sheet people write some thing while provide different
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