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+5 points, for each positive review and -5 points for each negative.
+10 points, for each year in business.
+1 point for each company name popularity unit.
Cheapwebhost global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 29
Negative rating points -5
Positive reviews points 0
Negative reviews points -5
Uptime points 49.3
Years in business points 170
Popularity points 0.252
Total Points 238.552
Companies with similar "Global Rank":
Rank Company Global Rating
#113 apollohosting.com 242.73
#114 drak.net 240.53
#1408 cheapwebhost.us 238.552
#115 hostway.com 237
#116 got-hosting.com 235.99
We monitor Cheapwebhost.us website from 2 different locations. And only if both tests fail we count downtime.

Current uptime of Cheapwebhost is 99.993% (total 81169 successful and 6 failed checks)
Companies with similar "Uptime Rank":
Rank Company Uptime
#811 neureal.com 99.994%
#810 aaabusinesshosting.com 99.994%
#1290 Cheapwebhost 99.993%
#1440 kaleton.com 99.992%
#1426 hostitcheap.com 99.992%

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J. Allen, 14th 2006f November, 2006
Have used this company since 2004. The past few months have been awful. We had frequent outtages, sometimes lasting for most of the business day. Now we're into daily outtages that last from a few minutes to a few hours. Response from support is mostly standard stuff and no explanations.
Paul, 09th 2006f November, 2006
They lie when having support issues. It took two weeks to get to the bottom of a problem with email that was caused by a broken DNS server. They finally admitted it in the last message.

Steer clear.
Loki Keli, 18th 2006f September, 2006
I agree with the comment from Jerry Perkins. Cheapwebhost.us have been quite fine for for the last few years, but for the last few months especially during September 2006, The blinks on their servers have been too much for my liking and no word from them. Mail is not being received by any of my clients hosted on their servers off and on. I hope they can mainbtain the level they had.
Jerry Perkins, 11th 2006f September, 2006
Have had cheapwebhost.us since they started. Very few problems till the last year or so. Right now, Sept. 11, 2006, my mail server, for the last 2+ days, rejects all mail. Another domian I have is working, but the mail there had problems last week. Even the cheapwebhost.us domain is rejecting all mail!
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