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Digitalspace global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 30
Negative rating points -18
Positive reviews points 5
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 49.2
Years in business points 210
Popularity points 9.423
Total Points 285.623
Companies with similar "Global Rank":
Rank Company Global Rating
#90 dotster.com 290.17
#91 precisioneffect.com 289.26
#325 digitalspace.net 285.623
#92 ubiquityhosting.com 280.93
#93 westhost.com 279.2
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Rank Company Uptime
#1091 dbqphost.com 99.993%
#1090 resellerchoice.com 99.993%
#1330 Digitalspace 99.992%
#1748 clearviewhosting.com 99.991%
#1675 frugalcomputing.com 99.991%

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Web Hosting Reviews
Rich, 23rd 2009f July, 2009
My email account had expired and I missed my renewal reminder and got charged. When I admitted my mistake and asked for some goodwill they have provided cold and dismissive customer "service". I asked to be contacted by the CEO (which is supposedly the last step to follow before complaining to consumer affairs) but I just got another cold mail from an unnamed support person. I am going to lodge a formal complaint to the OHIO Attorney General's Office and I advise everyone else to do the same. they will get away with it if positive action is not taken.
DigitalSpace.net Still Sucks, 14th 2009f July, 2009
Read full review here:

DigitalSpace.net Sucks, 03rd 2009f July, 2009
I've been a customer of DigitalSpace for many years and have finally had enough. I'm currently in a battle trying to get my last site off of DS servers. For some reason I'm not able to export the last database and they are not answering support tickets.
DigitalSpace.net is extremely slow in responding to support tickets, their support forum has no official support interaction from DigitalSpace.net and their blog does not allow for comments. Also, their phone line is only open during certain hours and not on the weekend at all.
In the beginning, even when it seemed like a small time operation, it was much better, and much cheaper. Now, they've jacked up the rates to the absurd and only added more space, which most people don't need. They should have added more options and left the inexpensive $3/mo hosting plan available. But no, they are obviously greedy and do not give a damn about customers. I am happy to be leaving, but I am extremely pissed off that I can't get this last site up and running completely on another host.
Avoid DigitalSpace.net like the plague! Jumpline is a horrible company and have absolutely ruined a decent one. I hope Landon and Omar got paid well to sell out to these a-holes.
William, 23rd 2009f June, 2009
Chraged my credit card today about double what I originally agreed to claiming atuo reneawal can do that with upcharge with no refunds once charged even when I copmplained within the hour of receiveng the charge. I did not even know they had my business credit card number yet. Horrible customer service! Beware
bienhoangtap.com, 14th 2009f April, 2009
I had my site and domain hosted on DigitalSpace, aka jumpline from July last year. Everything has been fine since April 10th this year. My site suddenly disappeared without any notice. I even could not log into my account. When I called (from United Kingdom), it took me nearly half an hour to finally get someone answering the phone. And I was told that my site abused their server, produced lots of loads and so on. Meanwhile, my site is only a small forum of roughly 50 people and nothing happened for a long time. The thing made me most angry is that they remove my site without making any contact or support to identify the source of problem. Poor me when I so believed in them that I did not back up my database for a long time since I am quite busy at that moment. When I begged them to put my site online again for a couple of minutes, they promised to do so after 5 - 10 mins but did nothing. It wasted me another couple of value hours. Too angry and disappointed.
I would recommend you this hosting company if you love to have some bullshit service and the worst nightmare customer service a hosting company could offer
JM, 01st 2008f November, 2008
Digitalspace.net has been completely down for 3 or 4 days. They do not answer the phone. Are they out of buisness? Does anyone know?
Moxy, 20th 2008f July, 2008
I've used these guys since the late 90's their service was VERY impressive at first. They were recently purchased last year and the service has gone to pot since then. We recently just had a 7 hour outtage. Customer service was talking about their 99% uptime guarantee and that 7 hours isn't a big deal when in reality they advertise a 99.9% uptime and 7 hours in one day IS a big deal. I'm looking for a new provider.
sixscrews, 19th 2008f June, 2008
DS has been around forever (well....forever in netspace) and I have used them to host 3 clients.
Recently their service has generated more client complaints than I have EVER had - overcharges, outages, crossed-over accounts, etc.
New features - well, OK.
Service? Not impressed.
_RS_, 24th 2008f March, 2008
Well... I can not find it... nor my domains or sites anymore...
link, 26th 2008f February, 2008
you know when kristin, landon and omar ran it - the problems were FEW and far between...now it's like I'm dealing with a shady (cheap) company with ZERO customer concern.
Been with DS for 7 years and I'm moving my acct today! F'K DS
absonesource.com, 06th 2007f October, 2007
Digital Space was sold and is now owned by a big company. Kristin and Landon don't own it anymore. I've moved my host to another small company.
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