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Years in business points 190
Popularity points 26.833
Total Points 308.633
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#85 discountasp.net 313.03
#86 clubwebhost.com 310.86
#240 gearworx.net 308.633
#87 toast.net 306.47
#88 m6.net 306.3
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#200 cphosting.com 99.997%
#201 800hosting.com 99.997%

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Web Hosting Reviews
EB, 17th 2010f July, 2010
Received this today:

Dear EB,

It is with regret that we have to announce the closure of Gearworx. We have
had a great run over the past 10 years but, the time has come to end our
journey and move on. As of August 10th, Gearworx will cease web hosting

We ask that you take the time to relocate your web hosting account to other
providers within the next 15 days. Please note that support will do
everything possible to accommodate your requests, but, we will not be able
to meet the expected volume with our limited staff members.

We want to thank you for your continued patronage, and wish you the best of
luck in your endeavors.

Best regards,
Gearworx Operations

Anyone out there have a new inexpensive web host to recommend?
Ivar, 26th 2010f May, 2010
I have been hosting my website since 2004 with Gearworx. Until two years ago everything ran pretty well, minimal issues. Last two years the environment got less stable, with mail server issues, and no reaction on my support tickets. Last month, Gearworx let expire my domain, resulting in loss of my domain I have used for more than 10 years now, including my family's email addresses and website. I have entered numerous support tickes, sent emails to all known Gearworx websites, but to no avail. I guess I will have lost my domain forever.
If you had asked me two years ago, I would have recommended this hosting company, however, everything has changed for the worst, and I reluctantly have to warn possible customers against non-existent support from this company!
James, 23rd 2010f March, 2010
Steve, 24th 2010f February, 2010
Fantastic VPS services! They have a really nice Coldfusion Virtual hosting. The only downside is the lack of web controls for the VM but, I can tolerate that.
Josh, 24th 2010f February, 2010
Good job guys!
Indy, 24th 2010f February, 2010
Gearworx has improved their support services since my last review about them. I guess they do pay attention to what their customers say...
Mike Springer, 16th 2010f February, 2010
They fixed my issues.
Mike Springer, 16th 2010f February, 2010
Gearworx finally resolved my issues. I am happy with with their resolution and customer service.
Mike Springer, 07th 2010f February, 2010
Gearworx resolve all of the issues within 10 minutes of opening a ticket. I should have done that first...
Mike Springer, 30th 2010f January, 2010
Gearworx has since resolved my particular issue amicably. Thank you.
Tim, 15th 2010f January, 2010
I can't speak about everyone else here but, I'm okay with their services.
Tony, 05th 2010f January, 2010
I'm not sure about the other people here but, I've been hosting with them for about two years, no problems. I suspect the others were part of the PLesk issue, though I'm on Helm. Oh well...
Mike Springer, 21st 2009f December, 2009
I've been down since December 7th (14 days now) and Gearworx has yet to acknowledge my ticket. I've had to make almost daily updates to the ticket because they keep trying to automatically close it.
Miike Springer, 20th 2009f December, 2009

I've been a Gearworx customer for over 5 years. This year (2009), they have turned into a different company. I have a 2 week old ticket that they are ignoring. My site is down, and there is no way to get a response out of them. You can't blame a spam filter, because I check my ticket daily, and have to keep updating it because Gearworx tries to automatically close it.
Josh, 16th 2009f December, 2009
I find it hard to believe any positive review on here is legit. Anybody on here notice a theme? YOU CAN'T GET A HOLD OF ANYBODY IN THE COMPANY. Notice another theme? THEY BLAME EVERYBODY ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. We are trying to pay them to keep the site up but we can't log in and can't get a hold of anybody to resolve it. But that is probably my fault right? They must subscribe to that cool new belief in business: "the customer is always wrong".
Disgruntled, 10th 2009f December, 2009
Avoid these guys like the plague. They simply don't care about offering any level of service, and when something goes wrong (i.e. they delete all of your hosts and files) they will just ignore you.
Disgruntled, 08th 2009f December, 2009
Everything stopped working last week, sites have disappeared, Gearworx aren't replying to any correspondence. A new level of poor service. Previously I would have said for the prices give them a chance, I'd now say avoid like the plague.
Indy, 01st 2009f December, 2009
Great prices and packages, unfortunately not 100% reliable and their support is beyond terrible.
Gearworx, 02nd 2009f November, 2009
Dear Gary,

The issue was resolved, and the email issue was due to your mail provider filters.

Best regards,
Gearworx Support
Gearworx, 01st 2009f November, 2009
Dear Gary,

We had responded to *every* ticket. However, because your junk mail filters were filtering every response, you did not receive our correspondence. At the end, your issues was resolved...

Gearworx Support
Gary C, 24th 2009f October, 2009
I've been trying to contact GEARWORX by e-mail and by phone for three days becase my site is totally down, I can't get a response at all!
Gearworx, 28th 2009f August, 2009
Dear M.Sadr,

Gearworx does not have a "gold" package. Perhaps you're posting a review on the wrong provider page....
M.Sadr, 18th 2009f August, 2009
I have purchased gold package 2 months ago, But I couldn't setup any domain yet! I got errors, Support does NOT answer! it seems no body there!!! :((
Fuck you all, 06th 2009f August, 2009
zzzzz zzz zzzzzzz


This review site sucks dick!
Tim K., 04th 2009f August, 2009
I am having the exact same issue as EB - absolutely horrible response time. At first took several weeks for a response at which time my issue was not even read, as I had already attempted the answer provided. Support is nonexistent at this point.
JT, 03rd 2009f August, 2009
Signed up a few months ago but have never been able to get a site up. Requests for contact go unanswered. Keeps billing CC even though no service. Look at BBB rating!
EB, 29th 2009f July, 2009
The service was great for 5 years - no serious issues. Slow to respond, but always courteous. Last month+ has been has been a serious problem with responding to tickets which has exactly corresponded with my domain and package renewals. They have some error with billing set up which has resulted in my domain lapsing including loss of email access which I have been unable to fix since they don't respond to calls, emails or their own ticket system (online billing won't accept my CC because it says the addresses are different but they match) and the package cost which was always advertised as fixed has nearly quadrupled out of the blue which they failed to respond to my queries about for more than a month and then subsequently automatically billed me for it - in this case it's a good thing that their billing system doesn't work... Absolutely negative. Couldn't recomend it at this point. I think the small shop has gotten too small, is in a stage of transition or has just given up. Don't sign up until you hear otherwise.
Keith, 30th 2009f April, 2009
There were a few issues with getting some features set up. Support was quick to help but resolving issue took some time. I ended up canceling my services but decided to come back a few months later and have been pretty pleased so far. Keep up the great work. I've already referred one client to Gearworx and will do so again.
Matt, 30th 2009f April, 2009
Only had a problem with billing in the past. Wasn't sure how to setup paypal to make recurring payments and my server bill ended up late and my stuff deleted. Other than that, great. Thanks.
Chris, 30th 2009f April, 2009
My initial gripe isn't with technical support group. It is with the new account setup over all. Lack of documentation was a nightmare. Not knowing url to view site before DNS transfer, nothing mentioning the mail server settings for client application, no notes on FTP Server settings, Plesk failed on some configurations. Registering a datasource through plesk didn't sync right with the coldFusion ODBC registrations. My site took nearly two weeks to get up because I had to email and ask configuration questions every step of the way. I previously had hosting with hostnexus.com and I was able to get my entire site uploaded, database imported, email configured in a day because all the necessary documentation on server configs was given out and stored on web page format on site. They used Plesk as well but your service allows a bit more control with your Plesk implementation. If those parts worked that is. The hosting has been fast and reliable on the other hand.
Robert, 30th 2009f April, 2009
The interactions I have had with staff have always been positive.
Dan, 30th 2009f April, 2009
Referring to the above, the tech support guys are very responsive and extremely helpful, although the don't always manage to sort things as quickly as I would like. Occassionally technical reasons behind the problems seem weighted towards excusing the issues rather than a positive way forward to resolve the issue, including a timescale and and reassurance that it will not be ocuuring again. I don't feel reassured that the exact same problem won't happen again to me in the near future.
Rosa, 30th 2009f April, 2009
I've had problems but now is better. The technical support help me to improve it.
Dmitri, 30th 2009f April, 2009
Overall I am failrlt happy with the service. Great job at a good price. Keep it up!
Devin, 30th 2009f April, 2009
While I love Gearworx and don't have any plans to leave I am still unhappy with the change to Plesk from cPanel. Plesk is very confusing and over-complicated. I recently helped my coworker set up her website on Gearworx (esom.us) and we had a lot of trouble using Plesk to do things that were very simple with cPanel. While cPanel may not be the best system out there, it is still better than Plesk - which is very frustrating and unintuitive.
Mike, 30th 2009f April, 2009
I would say my overall experience is excellent, but I have had a help desk ticket open for over 2 months that needs to get resolved.
Ron, 30th 2009f April, 2009
There was a few days I felt like support was slow but it has always been resolved. Was also confused on receiving a notice saying account would be suspended yet we paid for a month and are on month to month as we understood. I like Gearworx so far very much. Logging into Plesk is like old dial up days but I guess improvements will come or thats part of VPS. I also think for the price the value of the product and service is excellent!
Dave S., 24th 2009f April, 2009
I have used Gearworx for several years to host sites for multiple clients. I can't say I've never had problems because we have.

However, problems occur everywhere (I've used other hosting companies too). What sets Gearworx apart is their customer service. They are very quick to respond to my support tickets and have gone out of their way to make sure my clients' concerns are put to rest.
Gearworx Support, 07th 2009f April, 2009
Last person that posted a negative review is: Robb Korinke.
Gearworx Support, 06th 2009f April, 2009
It's very easy to post an anonymous review on this website and claim that a company stole your money. If you feel that you have not received a fair service, then request a refund instead of posting here.
Gearworx Stole my Money, 04th 2009f April, 2009
I paid gearworx for VPS hosting they never set up. They ignored my support tickets, wither closing them with no response or just deleting them. They have no phone support, and basically stole $70 from me. DO NOT USE THEM.
Gearworx Support, 31st 2009f March, 2009
@Rich L.

You were not instructed to re-create the mailboxes, were you?

By doing this, you made changes to the original mailbox settings that were restored for you. By doing that, you ran into the scenario in which you are in right now.

This aggregate is not a forum and it certainly should not be used in the fashion, which you are using. While you have a legitimate reason to be upset it was not neglected or ignored.
Rich L, 30th 2009f March, 2009
I had to recreate the mailboxes to get my clients email working again. Bit strange how they just got deleted off the Plesk server??? Today all emails have stopped working again even thought the accounts are in Plesk, I'm getting it in the neck again from my client...this time its serious and you have put me in a very awkward situation, I'm not happy at all!
Gearworx Support, 30th 2009f March, 2009
@Rich L.

Please check your support ticket responses. It is unusual to experience issues such as the one you have but it is being worked on.
Rich L, 26th 2009f March, 2009
Anyone else having email issues recently? On several occasions now I keep getting password requests pop up in Outlook, correct info entered and it fails. This is across all my domains, clients included and I'm getting it in the neck big time. I'm yet to receive a reasonable explanation for why this keeps happening! The usual response I get back is that its a fault my end within Outlook, I don't think so somehow. Please sort it Gearworx! People are loosing valuable business during this recession!
Will@Gearworx, 11th 2009f March, 2009
@Anonymous assuming that you're from communitylegalaid.org, which I believe you. First: You should post using your real name, Tom. It grants your review more credibility in lieu of making Gearworx look bad, which I believe is the reason why you're posting a negative review.

Second, you are not a reseller and you were never a reseller. We don't provide reseller hosting, so I have no idea what led you to think that you were one. When Gearworx decided to make changes back in Jan of 2008, we moved your account from one server to the other but only in January of 2008, not constantly as you've put it.

Third, what's the point of offering a sub-five dollar hosting to you with a control panel when you expect us to make a DNS change, when you have the ability to make this sort of change through Plesk? I can assure you that your account has the necessary privileges for you to make a change that would literally take you 1 minute to change...
Gearworx Support, 11th 2009f March, 2009
@Anonymous: Perhaps you should pay more attention to the emails that are sent out regarding changes.
Anonymous, 10th 2009f March, 2009
I've been very unhappy. Multiple times they have moved our hosting from one server to another, which changed the IP address and DNS settings. Our site was unreachable for a week one. We haven't been able to get internet email for the past two days because they reset all of our DNS entries and our MX record, which we had pointed to our server. I submitted a support ticket and have no response in 8 hours for something that would take them literally two minutes to fix (there is no way for me to change my own DNS setttings and I'm a reseller!). We are definitly switching to another hosting company. Very very bad.
Mike, 01st 2008f November, 2008
Gearworx has a satisfactory listing with BBB in Oakland. They always provide the best possible support to me.
DJ Nick, 25th 2008f October, 2008
I fucking love Gearworx. They're the best!
Rich, 24th 2008f October, 2008
They had some issues during the transition to the new servers. Now they are much better and their response rate is as fast as ever. I will happily recommend Gearworx to anyone else.
Ed. , 23rd 2008f October, 2008
I later found out that the problem was with my own database. I was able to fix the issue!
shamir, 23rd 2008f October, 2008
I changed my mind and I won't sue them. They were able to recover everything that was lost and everything is back to normal for me.

Thank you Gearworx!
Josh M., 12th 2008f October, 2008
They definitely have a nice web hosting system. I love the fact that I can host both linux and windowz but their control panel can be a little tricky to learn.
Bill Braskey, 02nd 2008f October, 2008
Good hosting company. However, they need to improve on a few key items:

- Hosting setup process, and details provided.
- Billing needs to fixed a little bit.
Albert, 24th 2008f September, 2008
They rule! $4 per month hosting for Linux and Windows, can't beat that!!
Gearworx support, 14th 2008f August, 2008
There is nothing standard about the reply. It was an issue with your MySQL database, which we corrected. However, this was NOT a global issue and the server was humming all along...
Gearworx support, 14th 2008f August, 2008
In response to SE, you were notified of upcoming changes with DNS servers as well as your web hosting accounts. unfortunately it seems that you might have missed our emails.
D. Sohn, 14th 2008f August, 2008
Been down over 24 hours. Standard reply, its your problem, but it is not. Tried repeatedly to submit a support ticket, but that bombs out too. They have been a good provider in the past, but possibly their growth has caught up with being able to support.
I am out of business until our sever is back !
SE, 13th 2008f August, 2008
Can somebody with a Gearworx account tell me if your webiste is still up?? My server has been down now for 2 days. i am a reseller and have at least 12 client websites on that server. 3-4 of which have shopping cart systems and a ton have nesletter programs. they are not responding to my 12+ voicemails and countless emails. Is anybody else down??
Mike C., 06th 2008f August, 2008
I had an issue during the upgrade but they responded to my email with the fix. No complaints here but would have been wanted to be warned about any changes...
Rich, 05th 2008f August, 2008
Poor communication, incorrect responses to messages...its like they dont read the entire message! Closed tickets without response. I was discussing a problem with support then they ignored me for weeks, then after several support tickets and emails chasing them they had the nerve to say they didn't know what I was on about. Service started off great 3 years ago and now its slowly going down the pan. I happily recommended Gearworx to everyone I knew a couple of years ago....but now....not a chance.
Ed C, 01st 2008f August, 2008
They were good for a while, then suddenly my client's site came to a crawl. We've placed 8 tickets to resolve the issue and NO RESPONSE in 2 weeks. Asked for DB Backup file - NO RESPONSE. Now we have to move and start from scratch - lost all user accounts on subscription site.
none, 05th 2008f June, 2008
You do realize they don't advertise phone support, right?
Nicholas, 04th 2008f June, 2008
I love Gearworx, they just transferred my account to a very nice control panel and server. Much faster!
shamir, 04th 2008f June, 2008
they are the worse ever . never answer emails, never answer calls. they trasnfered me without
letting me know and lost all my emails in the process. i am suing them.
Josh, 19th 2008f May, 2008
It looks like they had an issue with MySQL but I remember the like of M3diaT3mple also having issues with MySQL. I'm not going to hold it against them since they brought back my site...
Michael, 15th 2008f May, 2008
I'd agree with Steve J above... they've moved servers several times on me now and broken my sites. And now somehow the two sites I manage with MySQL databases have had ALL tables deleted.... it's been a day and still no restore. Aaaargh.
Andy, 09th 2008f May, 2008
Gearworx is great! They're run a good shop and their CTO is actually involved in overseeing customer issues. I know this because I've dealt with him directly. No complaints here, just praises.
Chris M., 11th 2007f October, 2007
They don't offer phone support but their email helpdesk is super fast and they deliver results, not just a canned response...
Martin Byrne, 03rd 2007f August, 2007
Hmmm. Haven't had any response to my support tickets now for four days. All I get is a note saying that they are closing the ticket because they haven't heard anything from ME! Our site launch has to be held up now because we need our dedicated server restarted.
Love this host, 26th 2007f July, 2007
Gearworx provides a good services for both my development and production websites. Thteir service is not for the faint of heart and if you're a noob you should stick with GoDaddy... if you need a good services with good features, then these guys are it. I'm using their Windows hosting, which has a ton of components installed already. Very useful... good job!
Mona M., 22nd 2006f December, 2006
It would be nice to have a 800 to call once a ticket has been reviewed in the event instructions are unclear. This would help us troublshoot through some of our 'user' problems quicker. The response time however, is very quick. No issues.
Meir, 20th 2006f December, 2006
Richard V., 07th 2006f December, 2006
Looks like they pissed off someone else. I haven't had any major outages or problems. They'll inform me of downtime and usually it'll end up being for Windows hosting instead of my account. Features work, they're inexpensive and just run... I'm running two shopping carts on their servers.
Steve J, 06th 2006f December, 2006
Started great! Since? NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! DAILY problems with this host. Incompetent admins making server moves, and "breaking" sites in the process. They claim to provide phone support, but they do not. I was told (via email) by a tech that THEY WILL NOT ANSWER PHONE MESSAGES. Go with someone else.
Joe B., 17th 2006f November, 2006
Fantastic hosting, very reliable...I've never even noticed a problem! Billing is great, It just comes straight out of my account and I've never had any issues. Very seamless.
bas, 17th 2006f November, 2006
Everything is great! Only downside is the speed of the websites (in Europe)
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