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Mavweb global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 65
Negative rating points -34
Positive reviews points 0
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 48.9
Years in business points 210
Popularity points 0.207
Total Points 290.107
Companies with similar "Global Rank":
Rank Company Global Rating
#89 omnis.com 295.07
#90 dotster.com 290.17
#1169 mavweb.net 290.107
#91 precisioneffect.com 289.26
#92 ubiquityhosting.com 280.93
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Current uptime of Mavweb is 99.989% (total 66358 successful and 7 failed checks)
Companies with similar "Uptime Rank":
Rank Company Uptime
#1779 relmax.com 99.99%
#1778 towerhost.com 99.99%
#1950 Mavweb 99.989%
#2029 zonerhosting.com 99.988%
#2008 ihostasp.net 99.988%

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lloyd felkins, 16th 2010f June, 2010
If anyone has a suggestion for recovering on line capabiliy without reloading everything to another vendor please let me know.

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hue, 17th 2009f March, 2009

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hue, 17th 2009f March, 2009
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Shon B, 11th 2008f May, 2008
Been with Mavweb - don't know how long. Experience was great until Hivelocity. Now I can't log into HSPHERE to manage email - on any computer (or it is so sluggish, might as well find something to do for next 5-20min). Support says all fine when they check... problem must be on my end. I find it odd that no matter what computer I use, home, work, public library I have this problem with HSPHERE. Are they trying to frustrate me into finding a new host?
DaveR, 04th 2008f April, 2008
After months of waiting, finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Mavweb is definitely gone. Hivelocity claims that its acquiring mavweb and they are in the process moving the servers into its network. I recommend you get in touch with Hivelocity billing department (billing@hivelocity.net) or call them at 1-888-869-4678. Wish you all luck.
Rob Winn, 30th 2008f March, 2008
Been with mavweb for a long time. Finally had to move after everything was down last friday for two days. Email and web sites. Cannot even get our latest data off their servers since nothing is available and no one to respond to phone call or emails. Seems like they would at least notify before going out of business.
Lloyd Felkins, 29th 2008f March, 2008
My Web Sites and Email have not worked for the last 2 days. My Email has been doen for about half of the time for the last 3 months. Are they closing down, or what?
Sherri, 29th 2008f March, 2008
Does anyone know if they are still in business? My fear is that they have just closed shop and we will be stuck without a website or without email!
Manolis, 29th 2008f March, 2008
Really horrible service. Mail and web down, after 1 day fixed the web but email down for second day. They dont even answer the emails.
Jimmy, 29th 2008f March, 2008
Ditto everything below. I had many sites with mavweb, but have transferred them all to new servers. Over the years I refered many people to them as they WERE great, but now I'm advising everyone to change hosting companies. I have outstanding support tickets from over a year ago!
Ginney, 29th 2008f March, 2008
We have been over 24 hours without email and they are bouncing back to the customers so it is not like we will get the email if and when they go back up. Their own website is not working either. I am pretty sick of these people because this happens often
Kyndra, 28th 2008f March, 2008
Absolutely horrible service. You cannot get an email response, and there is no phone number to call to get a response. We cannot get out of our agreement fast enough! Our website and our incoming emails are down AGAIN today.
No name, 20th 2008f March, 2008
mavewb WAS very good but now is very very very HORRIBLE company
Gaylord Times, 17th 2008f March, 2008
SHitty Service!!! No one is answering my calls or emails!!! Sick of them but my files are on their servers. Am filing a complaint and will tell my credit card company about this fraud!!!
Sara, 12th 2008f March, 2008
Wow, can't believe all this. Horrible, horrible company. Ditto everything that's been said. Don't know how they are still in business, although at this point I would question that!!
stephanie, 06th 2008f March, 2008
Mavweb is a COMPLETE disaster. Our entire company is sometimes down for days! Imagine the oppotunity lost and time wasted!
Judy, 04th 2008f March, 2008
TERRIBLE company!!!!!
Edsel, 04th 2008f March, 2008
Do not go with Mavweb. I don' think they even exist. Has anyone ever gotten through to someone? They have had the same message that says they had a crash for over 5 months. There is no one to answer questions, our email is down for hours daily and so is our site. These guys are a joke and if you go with them the joke is on you.
Micheal, 26th 2008f February, 2008
I was since 2003 by mavweb and everything was really perfect at the beginning. Now it is impossible to reach someone, neither by Email nor by phone. They charge me 4x the hosting fees and it is impossible to solve this issue. I even fax them a request. Now I will do opposition by Mastercard to get the money back. Worst host ever.
Bob Hartwell, 19th 2008f February, 2008
We have had mavweb for far too long. We are down at least once per week for hours at a time. I am switching as soon as we can get our information moved and I hope I can keep other companies from having to go through this.
Tim M., 03rd 2008f February, 2008
Service was horrible. After days of my website being down, i finally managed to get through to the on support number which was forwarded to a cell phone. Shawn on the other end told me they were too busy shopping and to call back in a few hours... then hung up. HUH?!?!? I called back and he asked me to stop calling..... then he proceeded to tell me that everything is ok with the servers, and i must be typing in the website address wrong. The customer support was HORRIBLE!!! i canceled immediately.
Mateo Patiño, 24th 2008f January, 2008
We´ve been down with the service for over two weeks now. it`s ridiculus. their server is incredibly slow (when it actualy decides to work). I am changing from them. NOT RELIALABLE AT ALL.
Hal Bredbenner, 17th 2008f January, 2008
Ditto on all of the below. Whatever happened to this company is a mystery. They went from good prices and service to everything bad. No emai, helpdesk ticket, live chat support. What support you may hear from is outsourced to people who are not monitoring the servers proactively, so they don't even know when the system is down, you have to tell them. I must move my 13 hosted sites elsewhere and that's a shame. Another good US company bites the dust.
K, 13th 2008f January, 2008
Sames issues as everyone else here. Been with them since 2003 and early on service was good. If there was a problem I could speak to Shawn or Sandy and it was taken care of. I have sent several emails in the last couple of months Attn Shawn with no reply. Everything is down today, same old message on the machine and the email to support is bouncing back. I started the process of moving to a new host 2 weeks ago, finishing it today.
Craig W, 05th 2007f December, 2007
Outages just keep occuring. Sometimes it's the servers, sometimes it's just the mail. Today it's the database. Do not use this company. They have damaged our business greatly with their terrible relaibility. As a retailer December is a a terrible time to switch hosts, but we will have to. Avoid Mavweb; they are the worst. No phone support of any kind; just the same old message saying they are experiencing problems.
DaveR, 24th 2007f November, 2007
My Server has been down for weeks now and no response from the host. Did they wind up shop and leave? Has anyone gotten any server restored in the last couple of weeks? I'm moving out.
Ryan, 20th 2007f November, 2007
Oh man, I've been with mavweb for 7 years! It started out good, but the last few months have been hell. Server outages and downtime. They have even had DNS issues where my website and email didn't resolve. To top that off, I think their entire support staff was fired. Seriously, they don't respond to support tickets, email, or even phone messages. I urge you to call their number, you'll get a message saying they have server problems and are working on it. HA! That's the same message from a month ago. I'm leaving them and you shouldn't bother looking at them.
Dave, 21st 2007f September, 2007
In the beginning (approximately 5 years ago) Mavweb provided great service. Nowadays it is a joke. I have a personal hosting account, as well as corporate dedicated server. DNS manager does not work and I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact customer service for months now. Do not go to mavweb.
John R, 11th 2007f September, 2007
Ha! All these comments are so true. We have dedicated servers with them (in the process of switching). Our uptime is probably around 97%. When I call them on their guarantee they don't give money back, but the guarantee is that they'll try harder next time. I'm serious! I haven't been able to add domains to my servers for the past 3 weeks, and the only support available is by chat with a person who doesn't speak English. I can't even get through on chat unless I post a different name because they ignore my chats now.
John Elliano, 05th 2007f July, 2007
They prefer to always respond in emails to any questions or problems. That's OK if what they are suggesting is the answer. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone on the PHONE.
Gabriel Reitz Giannattasio, 02nd 2007f June, 2007
I'm having the same problem of the other reviews here. The service is horrible! That Shwan never awnser the emails, the suport don't help nothing and aways asking to wait more and more... 15 days waiting and nothing! I want my money back, but they don't talking with me. Next time I will search for reviews before pay for the service.
YP, 24th 2007f May, 2007
We are having problems with MavWeb too. Who do you recommend as an alternative?
Darren E, 09th 2007f May, 2007
They have horrible service! I could not get them to answer there so called 24 hour 7 day support service. I sent their support service several emails that were never answered. Overall, they have the worse service I have ever seen I my life. I have moved all my domains from them and never plan to go back. I would stay as far away from them as possible.
Tim M, 17th 2007f February, 2007
Horrible service!!!! i was down constantly over a 2 month period. all my users were getting page cannot be displayed errors randomly. Shawn @ the company denied any issue from with his servers. Garbage Service.
Craig Williamson, 21st 2006f November, 2006
Do not choose MavWeb. Service is awful. They go down often. The guy who runs it only works on it in the middle of the night. You send an email request and at 5am the next day, he writes a reply. If you do not get it right the first time this can go on for days. Worst host ever for our company.
Anthony Miller, 13th 2006f November, 2006
Mavweb is HORRIBLE. Thier customer service is a joke. I have been down for 30 hours now, and they keep blaming my code. BEWARE!!!
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