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Prolinkhosting global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 30
Negative rating points -25
Positive reviews points 0
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 49.1
Years in business points 140
Popularity points 0.102
Total Points 194.202
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Rank Company Global Rating
#195 easyhost.com 194.44
#196 bestnet.net 194.25
#2115 prolinkhosting.com 194.202
#197 nitrozone.net 193.94
#198 webcoretech.com 193.81
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Current uptime of Prolinkhosting is 99.991% (total 84710 successful and 8 failed checks)
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Rank Company Uptime
#1330 digitalspace.net 99.992%
#1329 yohost.com 99.992%
#1683 Prolinkhosting 99.991%
#1857 hostelite.com 99.99%
#1846 adthosting.com 99.99%

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Web Hosting Reviews
Andrew Taylor, 14th 2009f February, 2009
BRILLIANT hosting but my e-mails aren't working at the moment...
Lelou, 23rd 2008f December, 2008
Three years with them. A bumpy ride for two months in 2007 when there was a transition of ownership and server locations. Nothing was reported to us customers before all that happened. If they had said something we all would have cooled our jets. They got a lot of nasty reviews and emails at that time. But since the transition I have had very little down time and lots of success with my site.
Ryan, 20th 2008f August, 2008
It's been fine for a while but the past few days my site has been down. /var and /backup are completely full on the server that they have me on. So I sent an email to support@prolinkhosting.com giving them the name of my website. They replied with, "What is the IP address of the server?" Are you serious?! I guess you get what you pay for.
Frank, 14th 2008f June, 2008
Prolinkhosting is who I use for the past 4 years for my budget hosting needs and they are really great for the price.

Perfect? No...their support response time could be faster...but its more than worth it for $10 year.

You should really give them a try...
Dave, 08th 2008f May, 2008
Prolink is good, not the best, but very good for $10/year

I have 7 accounts with them, on one of my servers it kept going down. I emailed them (no phone support) and it was fixed within 24 hours.
Mark, 14th 2008f March, 2008
Uptime is horrible. I was working with a friend with their servers, got the unlimited space thing and all, I get on the computer one day to find my friend pissed off so bad I have no idea whats going on. So I check the website and I come to find this "There is not enough space, please remove some files" so we backed up every single thing and moved hosting company's.
Ryan S., 26th 2008f February, 2008
I have two websites with Prolink and the one goes down nearly every weekend. I can't access the site, FTP or email. I can't expect much for 10/yr. But I will not be renewing!
fooled again, 21st 2008f February, 2008
They did OK for about a year....then went spiralling downward. Took my money twice, no correspondence, cannot file against them with PayPal because they are a "virutal service". Sucky business that is sucking up everyone's money who wants to try it for a measly 10.00. That adds up and the criminal investigative sites should locate these people....USA, should be easy for them. I hope these people burn in hell!!! The frustration is terrible. Lead you along like they care---then dump you like they could care less.... evil small empires folks--stay away from Prolinkhosinting........
Tom, 02nd 2008f February, 2008
I have been with Pro Link for a year now and the server was down twice for a couple of days, but hey look what I'm paying for "unlimited"
samuel, 02nd 2008f February, 2008
Three years of a few ups and downs, but nothing like the last two months. I'm hanging in there because it's the best deal on the Internet. It would be nice if they would send customers an alert when they are doing major changes to the servers..or moving them to a new location. I have faith that they will come through their obstacles sooner than later. After all, they must have 1000's of customers after 4 years on the Internet.
Tonja, 01st 2008f February, 2008
I have been with Prolink for a few years now with very little trouble. always get a responce to my emails.. i have refered many of my friends to this place and they have had no problems either.. i plan to keep using prolink : )
DON'T, 13th 2008f January, 2008
Terrance, 04th 2008f January, 2008
After 3 great yrs with prolink the past few weeks have been rough. They are slow to respond however I did get a very detailed reply! Apparently they were switching to a new datacenter and moved over 40 servers. The new servers are apparently faster. All of my sites are loading again and it does seem a bit faster...so hope everything is good now
Denny, 20th 2007f December, 2007
ProLinkHosting is Gone? I had several sites hosted there but most have disappeared. Even the ProlinkHosting site disappeared for several days. Does anyone know what is happening?
Mongoose, 20th 2007f December, 2007
Been with them for almost 1 year. Until recently all was well but site been down for best part of 2 weeks. It was up again yesterday but for some unexlained reason is down again today. They are not the quickest at responding to queries.
Unhappy, 11th 2007f December, 2007
Have 3 domains, been with them about 18 months.1st year was ok. but last few months the domains have been down a lot. also files went missing???? I'd said they messed, did soem sort of restore... lost a heap of files and never informed me... ,,, they are cheap so cant say much,... but if u doing anything serious ...stay away from prolinghosting
John, 16th 2007f November, 2007
Some of the bad reviews here really surprise me...I happened to stumble upon this. I have 14 accounts with prolink hosting and I love them. You cannot find a better price online.
Alyx, 14th 2007f November, 2007
I have 8 domains currently. When I read the offer for unlimited hosting I thought it was to good to be true. I was right, I paid them and started transfering my domain to them and they canceled my account, no email to explain or anything. When I wrote wanting to know what happened it took a week to get any responce and they told me I had abused the services.
Bottom line is you get what you pay for and Prolinks gives you squat for that 10 bucks a year.
Might be good if your a small user or new to web designing but for those on the larger scale they suck.
larn, 01st 2007f October, 2007
all the negative comments surprise me, i'm using prolinkhosting for about 9 months now, and wen i need help, i can just send an email, and its fixed mostly within 24 hours.
sometimes the server is slow yes, but hey, its $9,69 for a whole year.
Robert, 26th 2007f August, 2007
In a single sentance my description of prolink is as follows. PROLINK SUCKS. If you purchase their services you WILL regret it. I purchased the unlimitted plan and thought oh this is cool!

They waited until literally hours after the money back guarantee to tell me that they could no longer host my domain due to system instability. They claimed I used higher than the alotted CPU!!!! All I had done was upload a bunch of files to them and play with installing a few of the application on their website, nothing that should have caused this. So I was all pissed off and tried to contact them. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CALL, FIND A PHYSICAL ADDRESS, OR TO GET A RESPONSE BACK VIA EMAIL.



Marc, 09th 2007f August, 2007
Prolinkhosting is cheating customers. After you have paid the fee, you will be suspended for no reason. Don't lose your money, there are better hoster on marked
Daniel, 05th 2007f August, 2007
I've been a customer for 5 months. I'm only useing mail functionality.I paid the annual fee for a unlimited access but for no reason prolinkhosting has suspended me. All my support requests are unanswered.

Ryan, 07th 2007f May, 2007
Good customer service (the two times that I've had problems, they've responded within a day), great hosting and crazy prices.

Can't recommend these guys enough. If you're skeptical, you can ask me anything at;

Great host!!
Lukas, 06th 2007f May, 2007
Prolink just sucks. The servers are slow, they're using cPanel and the support sucks, too. After some days of testing, I decided to cancel my account. I wrote them, that I want my money back...they have that guarantee. -> No Answer from them -> no Money. STAY AWAY FROM PROLINK!
Tonja, 19th 2007f April, 2007
I have been with prolinkhosting for over a year now. and have refered a few friends to them. we all have had np with prolink at all. its great servers. answers questions in a timely manner.
I plan to stay with prolink for many years to come
kevin, 08th 2007f April, 2007
sites i have had with them have been hacked a couple of times...and my passwords aren't easy to guess at all..
tom, 08th 2006f November, 2006
I've been with them 4 months, During that time I sent for questions to their support site not one was answered. Sight often down!!!
Tracy, 25th 2006f October, 2006
I've been a customer for over a year and I find the service poor. My inquiries are never answered, no matter how urgent. The site is often down. I've been having mail problems as well. Spend the extra money to go somewhere else- it's not worth the hassle.
Philip, 19th 2006f September, 2006
Been a customer for more than a year. Works great. No problems as far as I can tell. The price can't be beat and the reliability isn't a problem either. Did I say it was cheap?
david, 25th 2006f June, 2006
for the price, and for someone who does not need a lot of handholding, the service is more than adequate.
Steven, 19th 2006f April, 2006
I've been pretty satisfied with prolinkhosting so far after 7 months of service..
so far so good., 07th 2006f April, 2006
so far so good.
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