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Versaweb global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 37
Negative rating points -17
Positive reviews points 0
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 49.3
Years in business points 150
Popularity points 0.734
Total Points 220.034
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Rank Company Global Rating
#132 azc.com 221.1
#133 imhosted.com 220.43
#1696 versaweb.net 220.034
#134 hostforweb.com 220
#135 netmart.com 219.15
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Current uptime of Versaweb is 99.993% (total 76878 successful and 5 failed checks)
Companies with similar "Uptime Rank":
Rank Company Uptime
#811 neureal.com 99.994%
#810 aaabusinesshosting.com 99.994%
#1319 Versaweb 99.993%
#1440 kaleton.com 99.992%
#1426 hostitcheap.com 99.992%

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Web Hosting Reviews
A.J., 14th 2012f January, 2012
The worst hosting company ever. Their web site was down for some time, the customer service is incredibly bad, technicians are rude, the service overall is an utter crap. If you want cheap hosting with great customer support - use Amazon EC2 instead.
A.J., 14th 2012f January, 2012
The worst hosting company ever. Their web site was down for some time, the customer service is incredibly bad, technicians are rude, the service overall is an utter crap. If you want cheap hosting with great customer support - use Amazon EC2 instead.
Christian, 13th 2010f August, 2010
Versaweb has horrible service and support. They do host spammers, spamhaus has plenty of records to attest to that. If you want any of your customers email delivered their IP space is not for you.

We experienced often server outages, IP blacklisting and hardware failure.

Overbilling for bandwidth with only a 50% credit of the overages.

Do not host your sites here. There are 1000's of hosting company's to choose from, choose a major one.
hostingpros, 04th 2010f August, 2010
We are with versaweb since 3 years now.
If you look for cheap dedicated server fees per month, this is the place.
But if you need support or try to contact them and ask a fast response, then honestly don't lose your time , Versaweb is not for you. Thei support time is horrible, can take 1-2 weeks and some time more and if you get your answeer and even with a 911 call via their support form
Terry, 23rd 2008f October, 2008
I have been with Versaweb (Hostivia) for many years and only got excellent service. I am located overseas and have had to phone for support a few times already. Each time I have reached a support person within 1 minute and had my problem logged and attended to within 30 minutes. Their uptime is great and responseto support calls/tickets is quick and accurate. I would recommend them to anybody. Keep it up guys!
Bob, 11th 2008f August, 2008

I've been using Versaweb (now Hostivia) since March 2005 as a shared hosting reseller. I've had a few scary moments, particularly before the hardware was moved to Las Vegas. My websites and email all work very reliably, with the only problem being that it's not possible to forward email to some email addresses from the sites, as the Versaweb email server appears to be blacklisted by some companies. So email alias/forwarders cannot be reliably used.

I have never experienced the poor support mentioned in some of the reviews - I've always found them to be quick and responsive.


Preston, 26th 2008f July, 2008
There prices are great and uptime but when it comes to support they suck! There support is slow. Although once or twice I would get a reply within the first 6 hours. Lately ive been getting a reply in 1-2 days. There was a quota issue on my vps. There solution was to move to a different node. Well that took 4 months. Now my vps hypervm under QoS there is a field named 'dcachesize' and the fail count is over 4,000,000 which is causing the server to crash. This has been going on for about a month. Still hasn't been fixed...
Howard Bell, 23rd 2008f July, 2008
The most unprofessional organization I have ever dealt with. When I questioned their request for a photocopy of my credit card the COO responded and said ... "Blow Me!"

Avoid at all costs...
Steven, 04th 2008f June, 2008
Versaweb has extraordinary uptime, support never takes long to answer, and are definitely not spam-friendly.

So far as I can tell, the only "listing" companies that they've been on are ones that list everybody on the net (ie one host mails, list the class c or more). Outblaze and Fiveten are the worst lists in the world to use, and if you do, you're only hurting yourself.

As for "Hassan", and his remarks about Versaweb going down, I have spoken with their CEO, and they are stronger than ever, growing at a pace difficult to keep up with - I'd call that anything other than "going down".

Sorry, Hassan - not buying it.
Hassan, 02nd 2008f June, 2008
i was one of versaweb.com custmoers for 29 days ! , that the worst days of my life i hated the hosting biz ,,
one day i canceled a server but they canceled the wrong server and reloaded it the server has more 20 accounts , and no backup for them ,, so i contact the admin but i recived an apologies after 2 days !! saying that was a mistake
in addition they have a bad suppport team u get the reply after 3 / 4 days sometime get more than 10 days !! ,, i ordered a charge back but they refused and said that i `am a client for more 30 days
so suggestion i suggest u to never get from this company versaweb.com u must run away from it!!

Ip :

Hassan, 24th 2008f April, 2008
The best companies in the provision of services and service VPS,Dedicated Server and distinguished service and wish them success and always maintain this performance.
Best Regards,
Andy, 24th 2008f March, 2008
Versaweb is very spam friendly. If you run a legit business you should be aware that Versaweb's server IP ranges are now blacklisted as being spam servers.

This company seems to turn a blind eye to spam, if you sign up on here you'll be blacklisted as well and won't be able to email most people.
Brian Chamberlain, 05th 2007f November, 2007

I use versaweb for managed servers and I can only say excellent things about them. First class service, machines, bandwidth and the staff are very freindly, courteous and helpful as well as being knowledgable.

Best Regards,
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