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We use a special algorithm to rank each company:
+1 point for each positive rating and -1 point for each negative.
+1 point, for each 0.01 percent above 99.50% uptime and -1 point for each 0.01 percent below 99.50% uptime.
+5 points, for each positive review and -5 points for each negative.
+10 points, for each year in business.
+1 point for each company name popularity unit.
Webk global stats
Criteria Points
Positive rating points 37
Negative rating points -8
Positive reviews points 0
Negative reviews points 0
Uptime points 49.2
Years in business points 220
Popularity points 4.33
Total Points 302.53
Companies with similar "Global Rank":
Rank Company Global Rating
#87 toast.net 306.47
#88 m6.net 306.3
#223 webk.net 302.53
#89 omnis.com 295.07
#90 dotster.com 290.17
We monitor Webk.net website from 2 different locations. And only if both tests fail we count downtime.

Current uptime of Webk is 99.992% (total 87280 successful and 7 failed checks)
Companies with similar "Uptime Rank":
Rank Company Uptime
#1091 dbqphost.com 99.993%
#1090 resellerchoice.com 99.993%
#1371 Webk 99.992%
#1748 clearviewhosting.com 99.991%
#1675 frugalcomputing.com 99.991%

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